WHY INVEST IN Trebevic hills?

Trebevic Hills project is unique with its design, location, concept and it will be first
project hotel apartments investment with rich amenities it offers to its investors on
Olympic mountain Trebevic with panoramic view of City of Sarajevo.

Our prices may increase up to 30% until the end of construction. 

For our investors that invest in apartment for renting we will have operating rental
business services (time sharing) for our rental investors with 5 to 7% annual ROI.
The apartments are, by structure, studios, one-room apartments, two-room
apartments, three-room apartments, two-story apartments, penthouses from 35 to
210m 2 . The penthouse apartments can be with three bedrooms and a living
room. There is also the possibility of creating larger units at the buyer’s request.
The planned deadline for the completion of the apartments is September
2026. Since apartments will be registered and sold as business
apartments/residential units, legal entities benefit from the use of input VAT in the
amount of 17%. The apartments are equipped with premium quality amenities, per
functional “turnkey” system.

WHY INVEST IN Trebevic hills?

Owners of the apartments have the possibility, if they wish so, to be part of the hotel system, under the conditions prescribed by the special Contract on renting of real estate through the hotel service. In order to fulfill the requirement to enter the hotel system, the apartment owner will be obliged to furnish the apartment in accordance with the expected standards and design prescribed by the Trebevic Hills hotel, through the hotel, with a detailed specification of all amenities and inventory necessary for categorization.

For furnishing the apartments, the hotel will provide the owner with an offer in a timely manner, which will later be an integral part of the apartment furnishing contract between the hotel and the apartment owner.

The hotel part of Trebevic Hills undertakes to offer a special contract to apartment owners, under the terms of property rental through the hotel system, which will define all the details and mutual renting relations.

WHY INVEST IN Trebevic hills?

All apartment owners (inside and outside the hotel system) are obliged to pay for technical maintenance of the apartments, which will be more precisely defined in the contract on technical maintenance. Technical maintenance includes maintenance of internal communal infrastructure, cleaning and maintenance of the building complex, building complex security and general supervision of the area and fire protection, maintenance services of common green areas and greenways, disinsectization and pest control of common areas, liability insurance for common areas, administrative and other services). All apartment owners will not be able to disturb the appearance and reputation of the property by closing balconies/terraces, installing any external devices such as air conditioners, etc.

A special contract on mutual rental of apartments shall define all costs and divided into obligations of the owner and the obligations of the hotel.

Apartments have a heated connection to all parts of the hotel accommodation in the Trebevic Hills property: direct entrance to the elevators from the garage of the building complex, direct communication with the Spa & Wellness center, swimming pool, central lobby, restaurants-bars and numerous other facilities (entertainment salon, playroom, etc.).

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